Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Once upon a time in 2009 the remaining Quaranta family went to Italy for vacations...everything flows smoothly until one morning...

My sisters and I were taking care of Sir Lorenzo, our nephew, when suddenly Esy looks at my hair and while pulling out something white and fluffy says,
"Val, why do you have feathers in your hair?"
" It was that STUPID one told me it was broken so I used it last night and I woke up full of feathers!!"
"You could have done a better job at taking them out!!" she replied while laughing

And as Esy says..." And so perished Macbeth."

Fine della favola. (You can all go home now)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just to make you happy..

 Well seems to me that someone is complaining about my ability to blog,or was it just my impression? Anyhow,I haven't blogged in a while because there is nothing worth to blog about,and I also don't have many pictures.I haven't gone out much yet because of the rain,but when I do i'll TRY to take pictures for your pleasure.Here is one picture...I was just messing around with my sister's Apple,and now I have to go make a carrot cake ( oh ozie why aren't you here to guide me in the right way of umm....cake making????). CIAO!

Not Liking This

My sisters really should post more. The last post was mine, I can't hog the whole blog. Plus, I have 3 blogs to keep track of, they don't. They really should post more. This blog was made for Claire's sake, and she says it's one of the things that makes her happy. Now, if we don't update it, how will it make her happy?
Very dissapointed in how their blogging skills turned out to be up till now.
I know they can change.
They WILL change.
I don't really have much to blog about.
I'm in italy, eating like a pig, reading, sleeping.
What more?? I don't know.
Girls, update.
Oh wait, I found are some pictures taken less than a week ago, still in Spain.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


P.S. Esy tends to get very touchy with her babies.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh and one more thing.

I played soccer today, for Easter...weird. Yes I know.
I scored an awesome goal that won us the match.
I rock your socks.

No No No...I love Claire.

No one loves Claire like I love no no. I love Claire bacause she blackmails people, and I think that that's a wonderful quality to posses. I also love Luca...but Luca isn't as pushy.

Easter has come.....

Today is Easter and this is without a doubt the strangest one I've ever lets all meditate on what Easter really means....HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE...may you eat easter eggs to your hearts content!!! AND.....IL GALLO E' MORTO!!!

Easter..without any easter eggs

People..this is my first Easter without Easter eggs..and I am very
sad about this fact.But looking on the bright side of things I'm going
to be in Italy in a few days and my sister bought some Easter eggs,
so that when I get there I'll be able to be a piggy and eat them.
With that I leave you guys with this beautifull picture of an Easter

Friday, April 10, 2009

Per Mamma

HAPPY 50 BIRTHDAY MOM!!! It's hard to believe that you're fifty now, as for me you'll always be forty-five. I really love you and I want to thank you for all the seen and useen things you did and still do for each one of us. I hope you have a wonderful year. TI VOGLIO TANTO TANTO BENE MAMMA, AUGURI!!

For Claire

Well, well, well... seeing as a have nothing silly to post about I shall say hi to the blogger that I am a part of it and there's no turning back! Mind you Claire...this is ONLY for you...I would never do this out of my own free I hope you feel special and fuzzy wuzzy. I shall have to leave you now for a very important appointment... A VERY IMPORTANT APPOINTMENT! I hope you're happy that you finally managed to convince us into this. I love you!!

I love Claire.

This blog isn't anything's just PURE foolishness..beleive me. Now Claire wanted my first post to be called "I love Claire",and so it shall be done. I don't really have anything more to write and I have to go take care of children soon growl growl..
ciao ciao everyone


Well, it only seems fair that I should start this. After a blog on my own, a blog with friends; a blog with sisters was the natural next step. (actually, we owe this to Cla, who has been telling us for the past year or so to get a blog all together so she can keep an eye on us. as you can see from the blog's title, this is all for her sake.)
This could be fun.